Chaos Investment is a diversified investment firm. Overseeing an industry-top AUM, we pursue global opportunities in major markets including stocks, commodity futures, financial futures, private equity and commodities trading. Our investment strategy has provided us with a market-leading CAGR since our establishment in 2005.

Truth-seeking and open-minded, we are on a long-term investment journey with our partners who share the same principles.

Besides the investment branch, the Group also has three subsidiaries: Eastview Real Estate Limited, Sunrising Grain & Oil Development Limited, and Chaos Ternary Futures Limited.

We believe in
Growth is the eternal theme. We value markets with sustainable growth and substantial size. Following market analysis, our investment strategy emphasizes on the company's market place and its competitive advantages.

We invest in great changes.

Scientific breakthroughs and social progression have tremendously changed how people live and operate businesses. Chaos is positioned to seize the exceptional investment opportunities brought by these changes.

Principled and visionary, we guide our long-term investment journey by the values we truly believe in.
We invest in
China's A-share market, Hong Kong stocks and US stocks, with an emphasis on TMT, Advanced Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, and Diversified Consumer Retail markets.
We believe in
Markets are chaotic. But through extensive and rigorous research, we are aiming to unveil the subtle and profound market factors that have shadowed on asset prices. With these factor analysis, we increase our chance of making the right move.

Future-oriented, we aim to find the decisive factors in the next stage and navigate the path of least resistance in the market.

Opportunities are best valued when positioned in the combination of fundamentals, technicals and risk-reward tradeoffs.
We trade
Base Metals, Ferrous Metals, Iron Ore, Energy, Forex and Equity Index Futures.
We Believe in
Our in-depth analysis of social changes and scientific progression allows us to find the fast-growing industries with great potentials and the companies with entrepreneurial talents. Upholding our belief in long-term values, we wish to embark this great journey with our invested partners and grow with them.
We invest in
Early-stage start-ups and growing companies. Our investments mainly cover Semiconductor Industry, Autonomous Driving, New Energy and Advanced Manufacturing.
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